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Agricultural and Business & Development Leases

The Yakima Valley is rich in agricultural lands which can produce a variety of crops. Long term leases can be approved for the following crops: apples, peaches, cherries, pears, apricots, plums, nectarines, hops, asparagus, and wine grapes. Short term (five or ten year) leases can be approved for general purposes such as general crops, farming & grazing, and dry land grazing.

Business & Development Leases

Our Industrial Park located in Wapato, Washington, has existing buildings available for leasing. Other lands are also available for Business and Development Leasing.


1) If an applicant is interested in leasing property, the applicant must first obtain a farm plan (Conservation Plan). The farm plan assists the Realty Office in determining the type of land use to be anticipated by the applicant. The following information is noted on the Farm Plan:

  • Land description
  • Total acres
  • Crop acres
  • Water availability (Wapato Irrigation Project)
  • Land use and desired tenure
  • Land improvement costs
  • Conservation practices needed

2) A fair rental appraisal report will be completed by the Realty Office.

(3) Verify ownership records.


The Bureau of Indian Affairs Leases must include: (1) Names of the parties and their addresses (2) The demise of letting describing the action taken (3) The recital or legal description (4) Term and duration (5) Amount of rental, base rent, frequency of payment, escalation or adjustment clauses, percentage provisions, to whom rent is to be paid and where payment is sent. (6) Conditions, covenants, and warranties, maintenance and improvement clauses, limitations on use, payment of any charges, default actions, bonding requirements, rights to possession and quiet enjoyment, rights of ingress and egress, assignment or sublease rights, and any other condition or stipulation possibly regarding archaeological or historical statues (7) Signatures, acknowledgments, and date of agreement (8) Statutory citation for approval and approval signature of BIA Official (9) Recorded in PAO, titles and records.