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Yakama Nation Land Enterprise

Orchard Tree Fruit

Our main tree fruit production includes apples, cherries, pears, peaches, nectarines and plums.


Tree fruit and crops are grown on the Sacred land of the Yakama Indians using modern technology to assure optimum quality production and consistency.


We select rootstock, grow and graph our own trees to obtain the best possible varieties suited to our local soils, water and climatic conditions to produce excellent quality fruit. Our orchards are irrigated with clean fresh water from our sacred mountain, Mount Adams (Pahto to the Yakama Indians).

Crop Production

We utilize high density planting, with both free standing and trellis systems; irrigate utilizing rill, overhead and ground sprinklers; cooling systems for sunburn protection and timely harvest management in our operation. To assure excellent fruit quality we use certified crop production and crop protection agricultural supplies, which are managed and applied by experienced, certified and well-trained field personnel.


Our fruit is sold mainly on the International Market. In partnership with the Intertribal Agricultural council (IAC) and the United States Department of Agricultural, Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS), we market our fruit and produce to the world at the International Trade Shows in Hong Kong, Japan, France, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and we specially select the Mexican market.