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Yakama Nation Land Enterprise apples are completely processed on the Yakama Indian reservation from planting, harvesting and preparing the apples for shipment to you.

We commercialize the Yakama Nation apples through three main labels : Yakama Apples (Red and Golden), Yakama Nation Apples (Red and Golden) and Chief Yakama Apples, in addition to custom and specialty-packed seasonal gift boxes.

The main apple varieties grown by the Yakama Nation are Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji and Braeburn. Our apple production is sold every year to the international and domestic market.

Red Delicious

This variety is the symbol of the apple industry and continues to be the most widely grown in the world with many evolved strains throughout the world. It has a juicy, mild sweet aromatic flavor with a sometimes yellow striped and/or solid bright to dark red skin and classic heart shape. It has a firm and white to cream-white flesh. It is primarily consumed as a fresh eating apple, but also for cooking and drying.


This apple variety is a sweet and crispy option. Gala apples balance a rich full flavor with a vibrant yellow to red skin color and a yellow to cream flesh color. This oval shaped fruit is ideal for fresh eating and salads.

Golden Delicious

The sweet mellow option.  The golden delicious apple is considered one of the best all-purpose apples in the world. It has a highly aromatic, sweet flavor, with a crisp, juicy almost yellow honeyed flesh and is good for fresh eating, dry snack, and bake cooking.

Granny Smith

This variety has an emerald skin color with a sweet-zingy crisp flavor, a fine firm texture with white creamy flesh and great shelf life. This is an excellent option for fresh crisp cold eating, fruit platters and salads, pies and baking, and very good for freezing.


An attractive, aromatic juicy apple that is one of the sweetest and preferred varieties on the market. It has red stripes or bright red blush over a buff-to-yellow and occasionally green background skin color, with a crisp creamy white texture. It is an excellent option for fresh eating and salads, and very good for pies, sauce, baking and freezing.


It has different tones of reddish skin color with light yellow-green background. This variety has a spicy, juicy sweet-tart flavor, with a firm fine texture and crisp buff white to golden yellow color flesh. It is excellent for fresh eating and pies and good for salads sauces, baking and freezing.