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Yakama cherries are grown by Yakama Nation Land Enterprise, an American Indian Enterprise with more than fifty years of experience. Our tribe has thousands of years of experience in land stewardship. We are the only known American Indian Tribe commercially producing and marketing cherries to the world.

Cherry Varieties

Our main varieties are Bing, Rainier, Lapin, Van and Lambert, and recently we added Chelan (early variety) and Sweetheart (late variety) to our cherry market portfolio. Our cherries are mainly sold in international Asian markets particularly Japan and Taiwan, although a significant volume is directed to the domestic and local markets. Our cherry harvest and availability runs from mid June to early July.

We commercialize our American Indian Cherries under our genuine American Indian design label Chief Yakama, which portrays the image of our Sacred Land and the image of one of our honored Yakama Tribal leaders, Chief Wiferd Yallup.